Jewelry Verticals

ACPL has a very broad exciting jewelry range that fulfills many arenas in the global stage, we have a huge selection of hoops in fresh exciting textures & in all finishes which are unbelievably lite weighted.

We have Silver Filled, Gold Filled, Brass & Bronze Jewelry & Findings besides our Sterling Silver that fufills that looks and also feel in various budgets.

We are known for having the latest trending jewelry that is in tune with Global Market needs. Our Hand Made Chains and Diamond cut products that create value for our customers (Hand Made adding additional USP).

We also develop samples and ideas for customer requirements.

Our Categories to mention a few include chandelier, multi linked earrings, studs of all kinds (stone/geometrical/asymetrical) inspirational jewelry with all new 'Word' Jewelry, inspirational, holiday light weight charms with enamel, cuff bangles with rich textures and semiprecious/glass stones.

We also have new range of Miracle Plate Jewelry besides Electroplated Jewelry. We are constantly trying the new techniquesin the global field.